What Is Overstock’s Cryptocurrency tZERO

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Overstock.com, a huge e-commerce website, joined a group of other traditional organizations in late 2017 when it declared plans to launch its own cryptocurrency. Likewise with numerous other cryptocurrency launches, Overstock presented the digital currency, called tZERO, through an initial coin offering (ICO).

Launched last December 18, 2017, the ICO was promptly met with significant levels of intrigue. Numerous ICOs are used to secure funding that is critical to the continued improvement of a project. The tZERO ICO was no difference, as it was planned to help finance the progressing advancement of the tZERO token and a blockchain-based trading platform and framework.

One exceptional component of tZERO is its goal to build up an answer for issues relating to token liquidity while keeping within the general securities compliance laws. tZero’s website shows the platform’s aim is to “integrate cryptographically secure distributed ledgers with existing business sector processes to lessen settlement time and expenses, increase transparency, productivity and auditability.”

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