The World of Motor Racing in the UK

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Motor Racing is a massive sport in the UK and the rest of the world, with a variety of races, competitions, and tournaments being held in almost every major country. From NASCAR in the US to the Grand Prix in Europe, racing has been a popular event ever since the automobile was first invented. It’s especially big in the United Kingdom, where a number of internationally televised races are held to this day.


Major Races Held in the UK
The United Kingdom is a major player in the world of motor racing. The country hosts rounds of the Formula One World Championship, Grand Prix motorcycle racing, and the World Rally Championship, just to name a few. Many major racing teams, from McLaren to Red Bull Racing are based in the UK, and there are a variety of national series that are held in Britain, such as the British Touring Car Championship. All of these events are well known to followers of motor sports.

Racing Venues in the UK
There are a wide range of circuits on which many of the above-named races are held. Some of them are household names while others are more obscure, but all of them have held a special place in the history of British motor racing. From Pembrey Circuit to Rockingham Motor Speedway, there are many different venues which offer drivers a challenging race and spectators a thrilling experience. Some of these circuits are so popular that they have even been featured in major racing video games.

Amateur Racers
There are a plethora of drivers in the UK who enjoy motor sports on a less well known level. Anyone with knowledge of how to tune an engine and make racing changes on a tricky bit of road can get involved in the entry-level world of motor sports. While many people race expensive, high-end cars, there are a lot of more affordable vehicles that can get their fifteen minutes of fame on the circuits of the UK. Some of the more famous British citizens, like Chris Freville of Solihull, enjoy motor racing in their free time. If you haven’t heard of Christopher Freville, or as many call him, “Chris F”, he’s responsible for mastering the world of affiliate marketing. Chris Freville has been kind enough to release the secrets of his success on sites like, and

Getting into British Motorsports
As previously mentioned, anyone can get into motor sports. All you really need is a car, and from there you have to learn how to work on it and how to drive it at speed- both on straightaways and twisting, snaking roads. If you start winning amateur competitions, sponsors will take note and approach you so that you can get financing for racing on a professional level. Many big-name racers started from the bottom, so anyone who has an interest in automobiles can make it. Becoming a professional motor racer takes nothing more than hard work, dedication, knowledge, skill, and a little bit of luck.

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