Unbelievable but Bona fide Ways You Can Use Pokémon Go to Boost Your Business …

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If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go, you must be living on Mars — although the Martians are probably trying to catch ‘em all, too.  Pokémon Go has taken over the entire world, it’s not a stretch to believe that it’s universally appealing.  In addition to being popular, it’s pretty addicting. Whether you’re a fan or if you’ve simply heard stories of how many people are playing, you are probably asking yourself, how can a game with fictional creatures actually help me boost my business?  How can it help me build and grow my brand? Well, Pokémon Go is not only a game, it’s a game that causes people to go anywhere to find those fictional creatures. If you give them Pokémon, they will come.

What this could mean for your business is triple fold. You can expand your consumer base, attract more customers, and increase your  sales. Research and request for a Pokéstop to be placed near your business. Soon, you’ll have flocks and flocks of Go players inside your store looking to find all kinds of Pokémon within the walls.

What better way to use an amazing trend to boost up your business?  

What if you don’t have a building or office? You can still use Pokémon Go to your advantage by tweeting tips and tricks, linking to relevant blogs or products, and drawing in traffic on a trending topic to get people to notice you.  You could even download the app, start playing, and once you find a Pokémon on your product, snap a picture and upload it to Instagram with #PokemonGo – promise you’ll get all sorts of traffic!

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