The Secret to Selling Your Specialized Niche

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Niche products are a double-edged sword, really. Targeting a niche market has so much potential, as long as the target is big enough, but competition is tighter and actually reaching your client base poses its own set of problems. The benefits far outweigh the possible problems, however, especially given that you can easily avoid the pratfalls with some smart preventative measures.
Make Sure You Know Your Niche
You need to know everything about your niche – inside and out, top to bottom, through and through. It’s tempting to think that you don’t have a lot of work to do with a niche product or service. After all, the customer base is comparably small. However, that’s one of the reasons why you need to know the people in your market as well as possible.
Don’t Just Know Your Competitors – Usurp Them
Niche markets are sometimes tight unless you’re the very first to offer something necessary but unavailable. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get in on the ground floor of your big idea, though. You can piggyback on your competitors under certain circumstances. Namely, if a competitor’s product or service doesn’t solve a problem experienced by the niche market, you can solve it.
Pimp Your Brand
It’s your job to let your market know you’re out there. You can forge relationships with vendors and advertisers, as well as bloggers and reviewers. The best way to let your base know of your existence is to do it yourself – and mostly for free. Create profiles on every major social media platform. Craft relevant, eye-catching hashtags. If you hashtag it, they will come.
How do you get the word out about your niche business?

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