The Easy Way to Measure Your ROI on Social Media

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One of the most prevailing myths about social media, as it pertains to business, is that you can’t check your return of investment on your social media. As a matter of fact, that’s patently untrue. It’s actually quite easy to measure your ROI all on your own. Doing so is potentially lucrative, provided that you’re doing the right thing from the onset. If you’re not, that’s no problem – you’ll now have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and tweak your content or other offerings.

Where Are Your Users Coming From?

The first step in measuring your ROI on social media is to find out where your users and visitors are coming from. Are they coming from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google? Identify the strongest player and keep doing what you’re doing. Tweak what you’re doing in the weaker areas. You might have to change up your Facebook game or alter the way you tweet.

What Do They Do?

Once visitors reach your site from social media, what are they doing? What links, photos, or status updates do they check most frequently on your social networking pages? Maybe they like slideshows, how-to articles, or buying whatever you’re selling. Finding out how they get there can help you target your audience with social media content they love.

Is That Activity Value?

Users might love your slideshows, but if you spend hours on them and aren’t getting many hits, then maybe it’s time to stop wasting your efforts. If on the other hand, you’re getting a lot of attention from a quick snapshot of your product or a funny meme that directs to your blog, you’re good to go.

Which social media site is most beneficial to you? Have you ever checked?

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