It’s Time to Be Uncomfortable …

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In business, it is very common for you to push past your comfort zone and to slip into something that might not be very comfortable for you. There will be times in your career when you need to push past your comfort zone, and it will help you not just grow, but it will also make you more successful. If you are worried about getting out of your comfort zone, it’s natural, but here are some reasons why it’s okay to be uncomfortable.

1. It helps polish the rough edges

When you are uncomfortable, it is the best way to polish all of those rough edges of your personality. We all have them and in business, they need to be smoothed down and being uncomfortable is the best way to do that. Typically, as humans, we shy away from the discomfort but what I’m asking you for is to embrace it.

2. You’ll grow up

There is no question in the world that being uncomfortable and in uncomfortable situations will help you grow up. It will assist you with confrontations, and it will help you embrace change. On a personal level, this will help you get rid of anxiety, and it really will help push you into being a better person.

3. You’ll live in the moment

Finally, the most valuable thing about being uncomfortable is that it will help you live in the moment. It will help you look into what is present versus what is in the past. Keep that in mind when you are in an uncomfortable situation.

Now that you know what it’s like to be uncomfortable, are you ready for it? Embrace it!

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