Genuinely Confident People Exhibit These Traits

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Confidence and cockiness are not the same things, but plenty of people view them interchangeably. Real confidence comes from within, and it has nothing to do with the way you look or how much money is in your bank account. Are you confident or just posing? See if you identify with any of the following qualities to discover your true confidence quotient.

They’re Not Out to Be Right

Confident people have no problem taking a stand, but it’s not because of a desperate yearning to be correct. They speak up for what they believe in because they aren’t afraid of being wrong. That just means they have the opportunity to learn something.

They Listen More than They Speak

Confident people aren’t in love with the sound of their own voices and don’t need to be heard all the time. They prefer to listen to differing viewpoints. They see no purpose in empty boasting. They refuse to derail conversations that are not about them. No braggart has ever felt secure.

They Let Others Shine

It doesn’t matter what the occasion or how much work they put into it, individuals who believe in themselves don’t want to hog the spotlight. They don’t even want it to shine on them. Pay attention to the people who praise their colleagues, coworkers, and helpers. They exhibit genuine confidence.

They Ask for Help

Some people believe that it’s weak to ask for help. That’s ludicrous. Everyone needs a hand. Realizing that they don’t know everything and can’t do it all, confident people ask for help. They aren’t threatened by the notion that someone is better or more equipped to do a job.

They Go After What They Want

Instead of bemoaning, “Why me?” as they watch others get promotions, find amazing jobs, go on adventures, or move to new places, confident people ask, “Why not me?” and go after what they want. That beats waiting for it and envying others.

They Don’t Belittle Others

No one who’s secure has to put down someone else just to build up their own ego. Confidence never belittles. It doesn’t gossip, bully, or disparage.

They Cut Loose

There’s no fear of losing control or looking silly when you’re confident because you don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Being funny or participating in a zany activity is just one more experience to someone with confidence.

They Admit Their Mistakes

Only people who aren’t secure try to duck their mistakes. Confident people not only own up to their mistakes, but they also view each one as a lesson.

They Don’t Blindly Seek Approval

When you’re confident, you don’t care what most other people think. The only opinions that matter belong to important people. A confident person cares about the views of the people they respect, not celebrities, social media followers, or hangers-on.

Having read these qualities, do you exhibit genuine confidence? Don’t worry. You can work at it. It’s something you can learn and earn.

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